Giftastic Recap of NC State at UNC

NC State goes into Chapel Hill on a 3-game winning streak, UNC on a 2-game winning streak:

First foul occurs less than 10 seconds into the game:

NC State scores 2 points in the first 6 minutes:

Cat Barber played like this guy rides a scooter:

Hey, NC State, you know there’s a shot clock, right?

NC State manages to out-derp UNC to a 20-6 deficit, which is pretty impressive given the ineptitude of this year’s UNC team:

When Tyler Lewis missed a layup right before the end of the game:

States goes into halftime down 40-23:

Things didn’t get any better in the second half as State continued to shoot poorly…:

…defend poorly…:

…and just generally suck at everything:

UNC puts one of their worst teams in recent memory on the floor and State still loses by 14:

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